So Let’s begin!

I thought I’d start by saying I’m an amateur writer. I tend to create random passages to what seems to be a growing story. So here goes, I’m leaving myself open to any criticism, Thanks for reading. *hides behind the laptop screen*.

Enter The Heart Of Stone;

Lost in a perilous void.
Accompanied with nothing but the shadows lurking behind masks. The dancing shadows, haunting my every move.I squint and see light at the end of the tunnel….as do they. I’m running, sprinting for an escape, away from this nightmare. But I am out run by the shadows. They circle me, like ravenous wolves, looking upon a lonesome lamb. All at once, an excruciating wave of pain cripples my body; Manipulating my muscles to twist, as my blood moves to their bidding. I scream out in agony, my flesh begging for mercy, for the torture to stop.

The pain gradually fades as my body becomes numb.

I’m surrounded by darkness again, Slowly crouching to the ground and cradling myself, I shudder. The new formed chains against my wrists pull as I try to keep myself away from the surrounding figures, dancing. They poison all that is good, mocking my feeble attempt at desperately grasping for control over my own life. Ragged sobs break out from my chest as I weep, weep for my fragile soul, weep for my lost freedom, as I am trapped in this cage of bleakness. A  soft voice whispers,

I have granted you mercy, life, away from the pains of the light.
And I am again lost in a perilous void. Accompanied with nothing but the shadows.

The dancing shadows.


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