Sunny days

The Sun’s smiling rays somewhat pierce my eyes as I walk along the familiar road that leads me home. My head softly moving to the harmony of my humming voice as I wishfully passed the ever familiar spots; the tall lamp post, the towering buildings and that small junction.

Yes, that’s it, the junction.

The place where the dancing auburn leaves would twirl effortlessly beneath the sky, mocking the clouds and their grey severity. The place where the trees used to bow their heads in secrecy and whisper fervently to one another, oblivious to the busy mortals rushing to and fro, frantically watching life leave them in dust.

Oblivious presently still, of the girl who pauses and glances at them, her eyes reflecting the memory of a boy. A boy with laughing lips and chestnut eyes, a boy with dark hair and severe lies, a boy with tear stained cheeks and lovingly swapped ties. He would patiently stand and wait on these long, sunny days, watching for her small figure to walk up to him.

And his smile would appear, radiant, somewhat piercing her eyes.


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