Written impulsively, I’ll let you guess what emotion I was feeling at this certain point in time.

Sew the earth with our dead…

A moment of disgust; life being the mundane and frivolous task of maintaining appearances and seeming to be pleased with your daily experiences. Seeming, signifying the annoyance and rhyming profanities received from an ignorant, harmless and somewhat distracted individual. Life being the search for a sorry situation, one in which we are appreciated and tended to like the palpitating vein, soothed by the flowing blood. Anger surges, a burst of energy, a fire lit by a structure filled with echoing sadness. Happiness cool acting as a lie, a soft blanket woven with the finest of Providences fabrications and illusions; cast over the eyes of the wondering, who hope to discover the treasures of its warmth.We are not fixed, nor are we inextricably linked to this soulless forsaken land, rather, we only exist by the means of our imagination and strong sense of belief in the unseen and somewhat, usually, spiritual understanding of the universe.

Humans are fools, let our time come.


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